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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about your Destin vacation, you probably aren’t alone. A lot of travelers have the same questions, so we at have compiled the most common questions for your convenience. Browse through our frequently asked questions for answers to common questions. If you still have a question after looking through our FAQ, please contact us.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Destin?

You can’t bring your dog on the beaches in Destin. However, Destin does have some pet friendly areas that you can bring your dogs to, as well as pet friendly vacation rentals. While the beach may be out with your furry friend, that doesn’t mean you have to leave him behind on your Destin vacation.

Can I bring alcohol on the beach?

You can bring alcohol on the beach, except for beaches located within state parks. Keep in mind that glass bottles are not allowed on the beach, so bring your alcohol in cans.

Can I drive on the beach?

You cannot drive any type of vehicle on the beaches in Destin. That means you need to leave your dune buggy parked at your vacation rental.

Do people vacation in the winter in Destin, Florida?

Yes! The winter temperature in Destin average in the 50’s and 60’s, which is very mild compared to most of the country! Destin is also substantially less crowded during the winter months. This results almost no waiting around in line at the shopping malls or having to wait hours for a table at a local seafood restaurant!

How cold does it get in Destin in the winter?

The general lows during the months of December and January are roughly 45 degrees farenheight, making Destin a great place to escape the cold, snow, and bone-chilling temperatures that most of our hometowns hit during those months.

Is there anything to do in Destin besides going to the beach?

Yes! Destin has something going on year round. From golfing to going to museums to hitting some of the fun parks, there is never a dull moment in Destin. In act, you can find something to do in Destin in the dead of winter.

Now that I have checked out the monthly weather reporton this site and decided on my vacation dates, what should I do next?

Go to and peruse their diverse and abundant selection of vacation rentals. Their website also features upcoming events, shopping plazas, indoor and outdoor local activities, restaurants, and more! Needless to say, once you visit their site all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the beautiful Destin weather!

What months have the best weather in Destin?

“Best” is a relative term, weather is all about preference, but we do have a list of all the months and a general description ofwhat the weather is like in that month so you can choose the month that fits your wants and needs.

Where can I find a boat launch in Destin?

If you’re bringing your own boat to Destin, take it over to Joe’s Bayou public boat launch when you are ready to get into the water. The launch is located at 800 Beach Drive. You can use it every day, from dawn until dusk. It’s important to note that it costs $10 to use the launch.

Which months in Destin get the most rain?

Typically July and August get the most rain in Destin. However many of these showers and or storms only pop up for a few hours, (and cool the temperature down) then it is back to clear skies!

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