Destin Florida Weather in March

Weather is a big deal when you take a vacation. You want to know the Destin Florida weather before you book your trip so you are comfortable. You also want to make sure the weather fits into your travel plans. With that in mind, you might be curious about the Destin Florida weather in March. Once you know the weather, you will know if you should make travel plans for March.


According to the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce, the average high is 68 in March. The average low is 50 degrees. While the Destin Florida weather in March might be a bit cool, it is ideal for playing golf and fishing. With that in mind, consider going to Destin in March if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time at the beach. If you have other activities you want to enjoy, the Destin Florida weather in March will be perfect for you.

Water Temperature

The average water temperature in March is 66 so you probably won’t spend any time in the water. The Month has an average rainfall of 6″. With that in mind, schedule some indoor activities if you come in March. That way, you can avoid the rain if it comes. Instead of going out in the rain, you can go to a museum or enjoy one of the other indoor activities in Destin.

The Destin Florida weather in March may not be as warm as some of the other months, but it is still a great time to go to Destin. If you want to spend some time out of the water, book your trip for Destin. You might not need to pack your beach gear, but you can still expect to have a great time during your Destin vacation. After all, it’s easy to have fun when you’re on the Emerald Coast.