Stay Safe on the Destin Florida Beach

Whenever you are out on a Destin Florida beach, you want to stay at safe as possible. Staying safe in Destin, or anywhere is important. Destin makes this easier by providing lifeguards at the public access points during peak beach season. Along with that, though, the city also utilizes a flag system. It is important that you understand the flag system so you will always be safe on the Destin Florida beach, whether there is a lifeguard on duty or not.

There are five types of flags you will see when you are out on the Destin Florida beach.

Double Red Flags

The double red flag means that the water is dangerous and not open to the public. Do not get in the water if you see a double red flag.

Single Red Flag

The single red flag means that the city has deemed the water to be a high hazard. Unless you are a professional, you need to stay away from the water when you see a single red flag.

Yellow Flag

Think of this as a yield sign. It is warning you that the water is a medium hazard. You need to use extreme caution if you get in the water when there is a yellow flag.

Green Flag

Think of this as meaning go. The water is calm and you should be able to go out and have a great time on the Destin Florida beach. It’s still a good idea to exercise caution, though. You should always be cautious when on a beach.

Purple Flag

Finally, you might see a purple flag. This is a way to warm you about marine pests. You might come across man-o-war, jellyfish and other dangerous pests if you go out with a purple flag.

Now that you know about Destin Florida beach safety, you are ready to go out and have a blast.

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